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Please see our product below. You can then head to our agent website to view stock and purchase [HERE]

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This is very easy to advise - We have a SOLE DISTRIBUTOR, only this website will supply authentic No Good Racing items to ALL countries. Please them here:

If you see an item listed on another website - it will be fake goods and NOT licensed, supported, endorsed by us. 



Q: The `` website - is it legit?

A: NO!, this man is based in Europe and has zero ties with Kanjo culture and/or it's teams. He purely has followers on his account because of the repost material he uses. His products are fake and we do not wish to be associated with this name. We have received multiple stories of fake, cheap, and incorrect goods he has sent to people. Do not support people that have nothing to do with our team here in Japan.

Q: I've seen NGR items on EBAY, are they real?

A: No, as described above, we have a sole distributor located here in Osaka whom ships all our goods. If you are seeing items not listed on their website, they are FAKE goods.

Q: If I buy a fake item, I'm still supporting your team right?

A: No, while we appreciate the attempt at supporting us, only buying our official items lets us know you truly support the movement and what we stand for, as opposed to wanting to just up your social media likes. Keeping our cars running, hosting events, being able to afford (the very expensive) stands at shows like Auto Messe, affording new tires, making repairs, paying speeding tickets (lol), and also being able to do research and product development to bring you more goods are the small things your much appreciated orders go towards..

Q: Do NG have any team members outside of Japan, or how can I become one?

A: Being part of the team means supporting the team - no matter what, can you help protect the family?.. Can you participate in the meeting, when called upon, or by your free will?.. Can you represent us?..

These things you might say yes to, but the meaning of these questions runs very deep. That's why NG members only exist in Osaka and the surrounding Kansai region of Japan. A small group exists within the Tokyo/Kanto region by their very honorable actions and support, outside of these two groups - no NG members exist outside of Japan. We are looking at a safe way we can perhaps expand on this but for the time being this is the information.

Q: Why do you not show videos of what you do?..

A: Would you show a video of you robbing a bank - no - exactly.

Q: When I come to Osaka, can I meet you?..

A: Our exclusive distributor does tours of the local Osaka region and just by coincidence it may coincide with a time we will be out in public, but there is risk involved each time we go out, so their meetings cannot be guaranteed. 

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